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You wanted to start promoting yesterday.

But you can't afford to wait weeks to get on a copywriter's calendar. 

And you really can't afford to wait even longer for delivery.

You're missing out on leads

Every Day "landing page copy" sits on your To-Do list

Luckily, you don't have to wait weeks to work with a tried-and-true copywriter.

All you need is someone to slip you a pass to cut the line and claim their next available day.

Someone who can write the words for your landing page....and give you the wireframe layout so you know where everything's supposed to go.

Someone who's Girl-Scout-level planning makes getting your targeted landing page written easier than eating a full sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting.

That someone you need? Hi. It's me.

Bypass the waitlist with a VIP Day

Book your Landing Page VIP Day and get: 

Words for your page, so you connect with your ideal customers instantly

A copywriter focused only on your project for a full. 7. hours. No calls.
No emails. No binging Bravo.

A wireframe layout, designed for a seamless user experience that moves customers to act

The Landing Page VIP Day is designed to give you one page of Strategic, targeted landing page copy.

What do you get with a
Landing Page VIP Day?

Woohoo! Check "landing page copy" off your list. No revisions are included, but you can email me with questions for up to 7 days.

4. Relax

We meet for 30 minutes to walk through the strategy, words, and layout of your landing page. Then, I'll send everything over to you.

3. Meet

I get to writing and laying out your landing page. 

You get to do...
whatever you want.

2. Write

Book your 60-minute VIP Day Kickoff Call. I'll ask you the questions I need to get up to speed on your audience and offer.

1. Book

The VIP process designed to 
give you the copy you need 
without taking hours of your time

You've got enough on your plate. 
Put your landing page on my calendar.

$997 + 90 minutes of your time = 1 Targeted Landing Page 


"No, you don't need to complete a
25-page ideal client avatar worksheet"
and answers to other VIP questions

is a landing page VIP day right for me?

If you're looking for a single page of copy, yes. Your project could be a registration page, an opt-in page, a booking page, a services page, or any other standalone webpage. 

What will you need from me?

I need two main things from you before the VIP Day: answers to the questions on the booking questionnaire and 60 minutes for our kickoff call.

On the day of, it’s helpful if you’re available via email on your Landing Page VIP Day in case any questions pop up. I’ll take it from there!

We'll meet for 30 minutes the day after your VIP Day to talk through the strategy of the page and answer any last questions.

Will you actually be able to get my page done?

I've got a solid process I follow, so there's no wasted time. We can talk through your project on a short call before you book your VIP Day.

If I tell you I can finish your landing page in a day, that's a guarantee. 

What if I have questions or edits after my vip day's over?

You can email me with questions for up to 7 days after your VIP Day. Revisions and changes are not included. If you'd like me to make any changes, you can schedule an add-on revision session for $497. 

What if i need something else?

If you need more than one page of web copy, brand messaging, or emails, book a call with me to tell me more about your project.